never wasn't important anyway

descent to the unasked-for kingdom

oh, they never leave. you think they're gone, but they're just skulking. waiting. i'd call them memories, but that's far too pleasant a term.

"i'm sorry i broke her!"

ha. ha ha ha. how very funny.

an hour after he said that i tried to boil my own skin off in the bath.


yes, you've heard it all before.
you had no idea, you kept on--
(you'll just have to hear it again, won't you? how i weep for you.)
things that are broken can be fixed, yes, but you can follow the cracks backwards in time, like an overgrown path to the past, some kind of tattooed map.

you can fix something but you sure as fuck can't unbreak it.

fare well into the dark, Kore. don't be afraid. you've done this before. you'll see them again come spring.
you fell as a girl, but you always rise as a Queen.

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