never wasn't important anyway

one day we'll return here, when...

you know...

...right to hell and back with it. so i'll lie. i'll sidestep the truth, and in doing so, i'll find something more truthful. i'll sacrifice maybes and misty eyes for certainties and something i can grasp in both my hands until the savage realness of it cuts into my flesh and muscle and blood vessels. i'll build an entire empire on a lie. no, not a lie. just not a whole truth. that's what i've been doing all along, hasn't it?

some say trouble's so bad
someday soon they're gonna pull the old town down

one handful of hopeful desert dust is worth more than any gilded castle in the sky, where the windows are barred with the bones of the girls i used to have to be.

you've been gone a while,
and the war is raging--

i didn't die over and over just to willingly choose to close my world, not this time, not on the edge of a desert rose.
that's all he ever really wanted me to do.
i'm such an idiot that it took me a lifetime over and again to figure it out.

he was begging me to move, i was begging him to stay still; we were both pleading with each other to just live. there's a reckless sort of beauty in that.

ó, agus tú, mo buachaill le súile spéir-daite, mo mhara stoirmeacha...lig dom bás, ach am amháin níos mó. ansin lig dom a rugadh arís!

there is something that exists beyond the tyranny of dreams.

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