"Rule #1 for modern fiction: interactive fiction must be immersive. All tools must be used to their maximum capacity for both writer & reader."
Interactive fiction is forever; Twine is the revolution.


I'm not one of the Twine-y in-crowd, so make of these what you will. I hope you enjoy them.

still -- a glimpse into what happens when your mind tries to eat itself.
Symphony {A Song For Departure} -- farewells.
Gardening Gardening Gardening DEATH -- what is adulting, anyway? And what if you can't do it? ...what if you don't care?


My favourite individual Twines. Some are stories, some are games, some are dreams, some are in that nebulous in-between place.

With Those We Love Alive - the obligatory Porpentine game, but this is so very, very good.
Daymare #1: "Ritual" - was this meant to feel as amazing as it did?
Moonlight - the best dream ever.
Stardust/Void - "Darling, is this a swansong? Is this the sound of the moon crashing?"
cheesd - you might win a million cheese!
Ghost Love - I swear everything Eirene writes is a diamond tear suspended in moonlight


Make your own interactive wonderlands. Or tart them up a bit. Or both.

A Quick Twine (2.2+) Tutorial - just what it says on the tin.
philome.la - free hosting for Twines!
L's Blog at Glorious Trainwrecks - macros and other helpful bits and pieces.
Twine CSS stylesheets - timesavers and starting points for Sugarcane format.