S I T E M A P ;

this site is fairly disorganised because my mind is fairly disorganised, which is an utter cop-out but is also true, sadly. here is a map in case you get lost. or I get lost, as the case may well be.

1. zuihitsu - introspective atimes cryptic honesty, whirled in honeyfloss to make palatable.
2. esclandre - casual recaps of what I did with my day; occasional fangirl meanderings. probably unpretty.

1. threads - twine repository.
2. uncompromised - poetry, both freeform & tanka
3. Ascent - preview of my second novel series, of the same name
4. snapshot one - tiny word snippets; microprose&poetry bites

1. the September Project - one blend every day, in certain Septembers
2. mercury mist - blends etc; flagrant abuse of Photoshop

1. jacaranda - about the writer
2. exeunt - links ahoy!
3. colophon - about, credits, & a couple of other 'important' things.

1. twitter - random thoughts spewed into the careless wired
2. insta - rarely used, because my life is not that interesting? also because IG is the devil
3. doll twitter - random thoughts about the dolls I collect, because I am an adult
4. doll insta - the visual component to the above
5. dreamwidth - xposts from my blog, with really juicy entries locked to the public