what keeps the city running?

The point of it all

September City was originally created as a writing portfolio, however, I have since retired from writing professionally (which doesn't make me any less of a writer, I might add) and it has transformed into a personal collective reflecting my interests, hobbies, and thoughts. No more, and certainly no less.

A little history.

In order of appearance.

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Quick&dirty FAQ

Why did you change your name?

Because, and please do excuse my language, screw Web 2.0's real name culture. I can -- and doubtlessly will in the future -- change my web handle whenever I see fit.

What's a September city, anyway?

An affectionate nickname I coined for the city I live in; in September, Brisbane blossoms like a million fireworks tinted jacaranda-purple. Perhaps this year I will be able to create a jacaranda photo album...^^

Do you take comissions for business/professional site designs?

I honestly would not be able to sleep at night if I did this. I am not a web devoloper except in the hobbyist sense; I don't have the skills necessary to make a fully functional non-static professional site, I do apologise! I am open to discussing designing a personal static site layout, but I can't in good faith offer anything more than that.

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