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Here: September City
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Birthday: 16 July, 2015 (Cancer; Fire Monkey)
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A little history.

In order of appearance.

01. Little Jacaranda Towns v1.0 (I'm here?)
     !!! WAIT ----> namechange
02. September City v1.0 (serious writer)
     !!! STOP ----> MISSION CRITICAL (enough is enough)
03. September City v2.0 (vaporwave Neocellout)
04. September City v3.0 (flowers blossoming in midair)
     !!! STOP ----> changing.
     !!! WAIT ----> reshuffle
05. September City v4.0 (choice, lost in elsewheres)
     !!! AS FIREFLY CAFÉ ----> hazed sunset/fever dreams
06. September City v5.0 (is it right butterfly?)
NOW. September City v3.1 (flowers blossoming in midair REDUX)

The point of it all:

Honestly? I'm not entirely sure, but I think that's okay. I just want a site where I can enjoy being on the Wired for the simple sake of it. I guess you'd call it a personal site? It is what it is. Definitely partially because I miss the creative web, I want it back, and so this is my attempt at bringing it back in a tiny little piece. ♥

Link to me:

What's a September city, anyway?

An affectionate nickname I coined for the city I live in; in September, Brisbane blossoms like a million fireworks tinted jacaranda-purple. Maybe this year I'll make a photo gallery.

Why the name change?

It's a long complicated story, but it boils down to: it felt right.

Where did Cliqued go?

It evolved!

Do you take comissions for business/professional site designs?

I honestly wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I did this. I'm not a web devoloper except in the hobbyist sense; I just don't have the skills necessary to make a fully functional non-static professional site, I'm really sorry! I'm open to talking about static personal site layouts, but I can't in good faith offer anything more than that. Well, I mean, I could, but that would be a jerk move.