Together Again

pt. 1
all the pieces -- where?
scattering like cherry blossom petals on dark water
   (you dive too deep
            and you'll know it, my love--
            there are no pearls on this ocean bed
                  we are insomniacs drowning)
edges like powdered glass, like minuscule razors,
like bad memories

"There must be a way,"
spoke the poet,
the joker,
the thief,
the singer

pt. 2
breathing out my own terror and desperation,
a hairsbreadth away from insanity,
my pallid heartbeat clinging to my breath,
foul and weak.

but I feel your fingers curling in mine,
here in the frostbitten night,
and the sour tang on my tongue
      (in my soul)
turns momentarily sweet.

            don't ever let me go.

we'll be monsters together,
you and I against the bitterness of the world.

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