Tasting Fire

I am watching your lips upon his lips. How your hand curls into a fist full of
his shirt. How his hand leads a graceful trail up your spine, and your
shiver following his fingers, now laced in your hair, holding you
steady, breathing you in as I have breathed you in before. I know what
he is feeling, how your eyelashes flutter against his cheekbone in
a barely-there trembling, how your lips are like
fire like cinnamon like smoke like velvet. I know what you are feeling, how
his strength crashes over you like a wave, how his tenderness and
loneliness falls onto you like sunlight, how he tastes like summer and
stars, how warm his mouth is and how dark his eyes.
I know.
And I burn, burn, burn,
burn with you both,
aflame and joyous.

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