T440p {Song for Natsume}

you know my secrets.
you know all my worst habits,
all my wild rages

my shattered-hearted sorrows
and all of my confusions

there is nothing I
keep from you, techbeating heart.
you sing me to sleep.

you have saved me from myself
times countless, without limit.

forgive me in love,
stay with me, familiar
stare into my eyes

know the faultlines and failings
know I stand megabytten

together we make
the high music of a soul
song of technosparks

you the voice of all I love
heartbeats becoming keystrokes


yes, I essentially wrote a quadruple tanka lovesong to my laptop computer. inspired by VNV Nation's remix of Apoptygma Berzerk's "Kathy's Song".


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