A Song of Hope

lady, I recall how you spoke
of the sorrow of remembrance
and evergreen memories
love as permanent and fading as a winter breath
lingering phantoms and illusions
blossoming in their fading
and the sweetness of tears

but I am only human, just this
and no memory unstained and unfading
can live in me without turning to watercolours
blurring like a sunset through stained glass
I call out to eternity and my voice,
once a clarion's sound, echoes then dies
like a whisper in fog

but you told me, eons and lifetimes ago,
that there was a song of hope that ran onwards
through time and memory and all hearts
and only needed but a word
and our singing voices would be a part of it
shining, forever, unbreakable

so when no one is looking
and when memory has failed me
I sing into the dark of the night
and hope the song can find me

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