The Same Timeline

for Rain

sister, when you walked in
suddenly, all that I held dear
became cemented in truth.

two 7000 year girls, our hearts given
to the earth and to the water
to a steadfast king
to endurance surpassing hope
an eagle's wings, wisdom by age.

you and I both remembered
an endless green beneath a slumbering grey sky
you and I, both remembered,
in two pairs of grey eyes.

truth. all truth.
no more a dream, or a wanting wish.
truth, truth as hard as hate.
as permeating as summer sunlight.

was this our doom, from the beginning?
7000 years, within and without,
and through Grace, life yet breathing.

sister, all I can see is the past.
it is as terrible as blood and beautiful as love.
the future is a clouded mirror,
shards falling in the fog,
but let us walk towards it together. it is ours.
hold fast, hold fast.

some day,
all will be remembered,
for Grace is still with us both.

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