Metal & Ivy

for AJS

up all night, chasing the dawn
   star-tinged laughter
whispering hymns of you:
   savagery, beauty -- desert-edged smile.
I asked, long ago,
I asked, long ago,
      "am i good enough"
   the dark horse of my fear rode tireless through the storm
of my doubt and disbelief
   and when it reached the other side
            -- rare, sweet --
your voice mingling still with mine
      {breath blood fire stars
               stars dancing 
the fingers of a genius who fell,
a prophet most unusual
   a golden heart guarded with inch-long palladium thorns
      dancing across the keys of a piano
         like a lover
{my darling, oh, you talk too much
-- hush now, hush --
      just live for me, and I'll raise my voice
      should you ask me ever
   for you I whisper & hint, but
      say sing! I will!
for you I always will! 
I said, long ago,
      "he deserves something better"
he said, long ago,
      "you deserve something better"
we lay for so long in each other's memory
      {fire blood bones
            bones broken 
   terrified of movement
      leaving and not-leaving
ivy growing desperately around chains forged of iron
   screaming unpredictably, but --
we should have been bouncing off clouds
      -- oh my love, it was so easy --
                  but don't pastwards eyes always see clearer?
let's keep the now.
   I'll wear our realisations like silver.
      let all our fear fall like rain.
you, to me: the second element.
   we fought long to breathe like this,
flawless and fearless.
I say, now,
   "and we belong.
   oh, how we belong.
                  to each other."

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