I, Rose

we were never the same.

don't fool yourself, boy
we were never the same.

you took from me
sick to the gills with vodka
tore me, bled me, broke me
stole your red stain.

I couldn't get out of bed for a week.

you closed your eyes to the obvious, to the truth
even when I threw it at you
and then proceeded to look down
at me.

you looked to your psych textbooks to explain my particular brand
of fucked-up.
ain't nothin' there.


we were never the same.

I am storm, I am fire
I am the poison tree, one of El-ahrairah's daughters
tricky, cunning.
I, Rose -- I roared.

I am the princess, the witch, the bride
and you were never even the lowliest duellist.

don't give yourself airs.

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