Get Unlost (The Berlin Poem)

ah, here --
  (what am I doing here?)
I know this city,
  I know its skies,
 cloud-stained & concrete-coloured.
  I know its echoes & its complications.

I am following your voice made mine
   over the bridges,
   (feeling you smile into my shoulder)
and thru the city of the past and the future
      (das beständige Stadt des Wandels)

is it angel wings I feel?
 is it heaven I hear?
  what colour is victory?
   it is hope or fatality biting at my heels?

is it time now for a new set of questions,
    is it time again for the old?
(when the child was a child...)

we come here to get unlost
   to run to walk to scream
(wir fliegen weg)
  to dance away to the heartbeat of wings
    to find, and to let ourselves
      become found.

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