Flamelet (Faith)

to You I stumble through
tears and fear and feeling
like black tar slipping into
my mouth and my nose
and nothing moves and
nothing changes and all
I am is stationary and

then words.

"hey, you."

and I can breathe
and see
and do what I was born to do

because You burn like
heavenly light in my
heart and You exhaled the
breath of life into my

"hey, you."

the choirs are screaming our words
Your words to me

auburn burning pale flesh emerald eyen
I am turned to fever and better tears
and it's all all right

what I have seen
and what I will see

the path will not be safe
but nor will it be hidden

with You I will
become the mistress of my own fear

and fierce fierce fierce is my love for You.
(and soon I will have the strength to believe
that burning is also Your love for me.)

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