Fever Dreamworldsick Blues

sometimes I think
there is nothing I fear more in this world
than forgetting yours.

days that were yours and mine alone,
that no venom nor curse can pollute,
every scream from a dry throat and every twisted bone,
just as much as every first kiss and every still-gold sunrise,
held sacred, dear,
a memory cherished like crystal,
and yearned-for with suppurating agony.

I was there.

but no matter which truth I am made to swallow
I cannot disbelieve.
there are no words in any tongue of this world
that I know, or will never know
-- nor of yours --
which can make me change my mind.
it beats in my blood like the moon
like the sea streaming west.

what cannot be taken by endless days
what cannot be poisoned by blade or spider or death
what glows in gold beyond the boundaries of heaven and earth
is my truth and yours
and for all my fear, remains,

I was there.

those moments when
you held the light of a star between your slender fingers;

I was there.
You were there.

my love for you will stand like my memory:

they can say it's a dream,
but it is a dream eternal.
and you and I are dreamers deep.

there is a place where the streets are nameless
and at the end of all things
I shall be there, with you.

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