a siren sang to me, insisting to me that
creatures of the darkness understand all too well
instinctively, how to kept the lights at bay--
and now I feel that knowledge sharpen my own heart...
is the penumbra moon attempting to swallow me whole?
ghosts carved of memories and crystal
swirl around me in frenzied webs,
leap from falling stars and cling to my shadow,
pawing at the masks I constructed
to camouflage amongst the ordinary,
desperate to swallow my wishes
only made to smother a girl atypical;
a manual on how to murder an expat of Elphame.
let me curl into seashell shapes, little sleeping selkie:
may Hell's fires keep me warmer than heaven's supposed light,
may Mother Night cradle me and soothe the bruises left by day,
may I know the Darkness' sweeter mercy; hide me from the glare.

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