"Poetry is never compromise. It is the manifestation/translation of a vision, an illumination, an experience. If you compromise your vision you become a blind prophet." -- Lenore Kandel

Poems for you to read, a mixture of freeform and tanka, mostly confessional...I think. Navigation is to the left. I won't tell you what all the section titles mean lest it causes biases in your mind. I encourage you to come to your own conclusions and draw your own meanings from any of these; this is your stage, now. The poet withdraws gracefully and leaves it all in the wholly capable hands of the reader.

Enjoy. ♥

【Content Warning】

Some of these poems, particularly those under 'of monsters', 'eszett and all his friends' and 'the book of persephone' deal with rape, child abuse, emotional abuse, gaslighting, trauma, mental illness, eating disorders, self-injury, and suicide. Make sure you are in a safe headspace before reading them. Please take care of yourself.