for your consideration.

This site is a a personal collection of writing, art, and self-expression, so please regard it as such.

I will not silence myself here -- based on your relationship with me (or possible relationship beyond anything parasocial), please decide if it is in your best interests to proceed to browse or not. I do not wish to stop you in any way, but be very aware I will not be censoring myself according to anyone else's scruples on a personal webpage.

Also, please keep in mind that all pages have a tracker that tells me who and who has not visited, what they've read, and what they haven't. Understand that if you are here solely to cause trouble, I will know, and I will not hesitate to call you out directly this time. While I welcome good faith criticism and correction, I will no longer put up with abusive lies created solely to power your own holier-than-thou internet outrage machine. Find another scapegoat; I am not endangering my mental well-being by letting that happen again, ever. I am no longer kowtowing to abusers with patterned behaviour.

Otherwise, please enjoy what is here, and I apologise if this comes across as harsh.

Thank you for respecting my wishes.