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fellow creators

Some of these lovely creatures I know personally, others I just admire from afar. · /~subtransience · Leysketch · R. M. Romero · Porpentine · Rainstorms in July

software & tools

Things I actually use and recommend on one level or another.

Focus Writer · Novel Factory · LionWiki · Pinterest

stories and series

Excellent ways to pass time.

SUGAR: urban spirit worker · The Dreamyverse · Satellite City · Trying Human

inspirations: music

Because I'm one of those pretentious berks who can't write in silence, I guess.

Virtual Dream Plaza · Plaza One · Chillsky

· God Is an Astronaut

everything else

Y'know that one drawer you have in your kitchen that's just full of random shyte?

NaNoWriMo · NaPoWriMo · Creative Commons