Hello there. I write scribbly nonsense under my nickname (Rin September) and more serious nonsense under my real name (Kirryn Lia Todd). I live to be by the ocean, I write, I drink lots of milky chocolate coffee, I rehome unloved Korean dolls, I go to bed far too late to stay sane, and I'm socially terrified. In the words of the illustrious Nicky Wire, I do consider myself to be something of a pretentious wanker. One of the pictures above is me. Guess which!

Do you have a nickname?

I have about a million and ten nicknames! I'll never work out how I went from being the kid who had no nicknames, ever, to the young adult with more nicknames than anyone else on the planet.

Are you named after anyone?

My middle name, Lia, is a diminutive of Lilias, which was my paternal grandmother's name.

What was your favorite song two years ago? What is it now?

Oh, man, let me think...I think it might have been Daggers' "Leave"? Now it's Sunmi's "Noir" and BTS' "mikrokosmos".

Do you cry when you are angry?

Very, very, very rarely! More often I'll swear and rage, but sometimes it happens. It doesn't last long, though, because it shocks me whenever it happens, which is kind of hilarious, really. "Wait, what, why am I crying? I'm now too baffled to be angry!"

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Instant self teleportation. So many people I love the most in the world live half a planet away from me, and airfare is not remotely cheap. I'd love to be able to pop over to my neechan's place, do her makeup for her cosplay stuff, and go bar-hopping in the evening, and it be as easy as blinking.

Otherwise: I'll probably make a 'real' personal website...one day? Maybe? You can contact me using girl@itsuka.org or stalk me via my public Twitter and Instagram. I mainly talk and photograph nonsense, but we can't all be perfect. ♥

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