Michiru is a girl who should have disappeared with Web 1.0. No more, no less.

alias, apt to change: Michiru
birthday: 15 March
location: Brisbane, Queensland, AU
zodiac: Pisces
blood type: A
enneagram: 4w5 (496 tritype, sp/sx stacking)
alignment: Chaotic Good
Hogwarts house: Gryffindor
hobby: dolls, static websites, tarot & astrology
passionate about: ocean conservation
favourite color: sea blue, jacaranda purple
favourite class: linguistics
favourite foods: strawberries, nearly any fish...as long as it's provided sustainably.
despised food: green beans, carrots
wants to visit: Kyoto, Byron Bay
habit: playing with hair
special skill: singing
has trouble with: nerve pain
favorite gemstone: aquamarine, larimar, opal, tanzanite, iolite

I can be reached via email at evenstar @ gmail.com. I no longer use social networking in any public capacity, my apologies.