Rin: she/they, Scots-Australian, residing in BNE QLD, Daoist, poet, crocheter, retro-weeb, wannabe sashiko artisan, ocean-crazed, queer, dog person, haver of chronic migraines & insomnia. One of many. What is mental health? I've heard people talk about it...it sounds really nice.

Five random facts: Probably too much of my world revolves around fictional people. My biggest fear is that I might be aromantic. I was born on the Ides of March. My primary intelligence type is musical. I'm allergic to garlic.

This is my face obscured mostly by a plushie, taken late last year. I look pretty much exactly the same at the moment, except there's a bit of purple to the redness in my hair due to a weird dye aftereffect, and I have an added tragus piercing.

random pieces

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