quick & dirty site rundown

Here: September City, September.City
PKA: Little Jacaranda Towns
Birthday: 16 July, 2015 (Cancer; Fire Monkey)
Host: Dreamhost
Registrar: Namecheap
For Coding: Araneae, mostly (with some help from Notepad++)
Under the Hood: HTML5, CSS
Imaging: Photoshop CS6
Handmade in Australia with love,curiosity&obsession.
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The point of it all:

First, I wanted a place to put all my writing, and perhaps some other things.
Then, I screwed myself up and tried to make writing my actual career/job/thing I relied on for money. That didn't work and everything fell apart. And I wrote less than I'd ever written in my life, no less. So I quit the career nonsense.
Then, it was a semi-personal site and/or a collection of miscellanea. Some stuff happened and that didn't work out, either.
I shut the site down for 18+ hours, then was able to think clearly about what I wanted to do with it. So now, it is simply a portfolio site. I don't count writing (or creating) in general as my career, but this is the place for my creative works. They are home here. ♥

A little history.

In order of appearance.

01. Little Jacaranda Towns v1.0 (I'm here?)
     !!! WAIT ----> namechange
02. September City v1.0 (serious writer)
     !!! STOP ----> MISSION CRITICAL (enough is enough)
04. September City v2.0 (vaporwave Neocellout)
05. September City v.3.0 (flowers blossoming in midair)
     !!! PAUSE ----> changing.
NOW. September City v4.0 (the girl who chose rebirth)

What's a September city, anyway?

A nickname I've given to the city I live in. I named my site after it for personal mythology reasons and sentimental reasons and just because I like it. Both the name and my city, I mean. (I set so many of my stories in the place, I bet you couldn't tell.)