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Birthday: 16 July, 2015 (Cancer; Fire Monkey)
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The point of it all:

At first, I just wanted a place to put all my writing and writing-related whatnot.
Then, I screwed myself and everything else up and tried to make writing my actual career/job/thing I relied on for money. That didn't work and everything fell apart. And I wrote less than I'd ever written in my life, no less. So I quit the career nonsense.
Now, it is a place where I can put all my creative things, or anything else I feels belongs here. It's pretentious, but it's a place to be, nothing more. It's an oncoming boulder that I hope will catch up to my anxiety&creative blockages and flatten them violently. We'll have to see. I'm excited.
It may become a sort of hodgepodge of everythingness, writing-and-personal, I don't know. I'm just going to let it happen as organically as possible.
It's also the middle finger to Web 2.0, which has essentially killed the creative Wired, as far as I'm concerned.
If you like it, yay! If you don't, roll on. That's cool, too. (No, really.)

You are?

Please call me Rin! My legal name's on my books.

A little history.

In order of appearance.

01. Little Jacaranda Towns v1.0 (I'm here?)
     !!! WAIT ----> namechange
02. September City v1.0 (serious writer)
     !!! STOP ----> MISSION CRITICAL (enough is enough)
04. September City v2.0 (vaporwave Neocellout)
05. now; v.3.0 (flowers blossoming in midair)

What's a September city, anyway?

This is another entirely pretentious essay of its own. Soon. (TL;DR ahead of time: it's a nickname for the city I live in, which I love desperately and am constantly inspired by.)

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