what happens after September?

Welcome to September City, the portfolio website of a poet-type who bruises if someone so much as looks askance at her. Here you can read things, play twine games, and buy ebooks to support an indie author. Yay! Enjoy. ♥

Close the world,

˙ʇxƎu ǝɥʇ uǝdO

Updates, 30.11.19 - added some links, and deleted the "author" page, because...I dunno, it seems slightly inconsequential to me? Details about me aren't really important, at least, not in my book. Does knowing I'm fond of coffee raise a reader's enjoyment of my words? Probably not. So enough o' that.
To those who do enjoy my work knowing I enjoy a sinful amount of coffee...tuck that fact into your back pocket and pet it gently. Love ya. ♥

In other news, and explaining the dearth of updates: I'm currently doing two intense studyload (16 weeks of study smushed into 4) courses at uni, so that explains that. (Hey now, it's only masochism if I consider it punishment, which I do not.)