September City

Hello, I'm Kirryn, and I try to write. Please excuse the mess. Last updated on 28 May, 2017, 18:38 AEST.

# twine

Gardening Gardening Gardening DEATH, about god alone knows what -- tea-towels, likely
Still, a tinyTwine about depression
symphony {a song for departure}, some sad words

@ poetry

I Do Not Yield, maybe I am
I, Rose, wherein your author shows a snarl of teeth
Caligineux, the inhumanity of longing for light
The Whyfors, because there's a reason for everything, right?
This Is Not What LAIN Dreamed Of, freeform bemoaning the existence of Web 2.0
T440p {Song for Ianto}, a tanka mess (in English) to someonething I love
Twitter Goes DADA, aka cutup poetry made out of Tweets
The Shadow Tale, half the title of a long poem about sad stuff and runaway princesses
Micropoetry, tiny little poems for your consideration
Small Sharp Fire, because love and revolution are the same thing
The Time Traveller's Chronoballad, tick tick tock
The Theft of Spring, or what happened to cause Persephone to grow fangs
Disconnection, liberty like blood (and heartbreak)
Chronoseiren, swim through time bubbles
The Mermaid Rebellion, the screaming sea-fae set free

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