what happens after September?

Welcome to September City, the portfolio website of a poet-type who bruises if someone so much as looks askance at her. Here you can read things, play twine games, and buy ebooks to support an indie author. Yay! Enjoy. ♥

Close the world,

˙ʇxƎu ǝɥʇ uǝdO

Updates, 16.02.20 - did a little site housekeeping; added links and deleted a socnet link (because HelloPoetry is a joke, unless you're into Rupi Kaur's utter bastardisation of the artform -- try using effort, it won't kill you). I'm currently concentrating on my health and worldbuilding/planning my upcoming webnovel series, so updates might be sparse for a while. Then again, they might not, too. Who knows!