in the jacaranda month.

1 june, 2020

June rises, winter falls, Persephone sits upon her throne in Hell, biding her time, reading over her notes made with ink tinted with purple flowers and scented like a spring dawn. Her lace and veils are dark, her accoutrements gemlike, and her hair redder than the breast of a robin in the sunset. She makes her umbral descent as beautiful as her luminescent ascent will be, later. She has a new necklace carved out of the bones of the one who attempt to destroy her during her joyous naive vernal fever years ago. One of the heads of the thrice-hound sitting devotedly at her feet looks up at her with a curious whine, and she leans down to scratch him behind an ear with all the love and care of a new September mother.

Cerberus' ears are smooth and silkier than satin. He makes the contented grumbling noise of a happy puppy and sets that head upon her knee. Even Hell has its tendernesses.


MSP Misguided Missile


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