springtime or bust

purple horizon haze
jacaranda fever
off to war we go again

fall first

"How to write poetry?
Darling, that's easy.
First, you have to fall in love."

lunatic road

tip-toeing around the circumference of the moon
with my throat cut and eyes pinned shut
the birdcage of my heart empty

noncomplex truth

A part of me will always be yours,
because you got there first.

You sang in my heart, first.


you are
the cynosure
of all hearts
in my heart.


you keep asking
it’s because I


a heartache, most unexpected

I suppose now the
problem is that I’m going to
miss you forever

for AJ

I am so sorry
that things now cannot be for
you, love, as they were.

censure and censor

and so we see the jacaranda-eyed girl
self-censoring once again
{old paranoias die hard
without a vengeance}


to new beginnings,
and building worlds you dreamed of a lifetime ago.
{don't be afraid.
just shine on in the technosparkle...}

Wired// disappearances

running into the woods,
into the next world
{I will leave a trail of digital breadcrumbs for those who would follow}

social media

we are the silent acolytes of Lain,
forced blank selfless in the Wired.
{this is a sad, twisted universe.
.ƚxɘn ɘʜƚ nɘqO}

winter's spring princess

I am Persephone; and with September's dawn,
I put away my fangs.
I prophesy to you,
{still, still, ihre wilde Herz}
in September, we rise.